Why choose us

STAGE FM Polish agency specializing in live event marketing service. Since 2009, its portfolio has a large database of completed projects. Our main services can be divided into 3 areas. Marketing, Organization and Production Technical and Management. Sounds typical right?

Let me tell you a short story. When I started the company from the beginning I know what has to deal, in which direction is to develop and that my dream is to meet. My main goal was the realization of marketing projects with passion. Therefore, in 2009 I decided to overcome all levels of bureaucracy and register a company under the name Quality Media Promotion. We wanted to work in the areas of media, art, entertainment, the Internet, create a new media powerhouse. I remember from the very beginning of our existence firmly focused on detail, image, detail, each project, each offer submitted to the client. As an anecdote I can tell you that the design of the first business card printing accepted only after two years of establishment. This caused many disputes, tense situations, but mostly slowed our growth.

After 3 years of learning from their mistakes decided to solve our problems. We have listed all of our experience, skills, ideas and split on new brands. Each assigned all the best for our customer. A previous study and attention to detail turned into today's success. One such brand is the SCENE FM, dealing with the organization and production of technical performances, concerts, festivals, gallium, company events. This is the dream child of a young age today represents a solid brand experts in the industry. Agency possesses a strong position and the trust of our customers is through its authenticity and history. I would like you to invite you to participate in the creation of our history. And if you know someone who may be interested, please share it on ...

I invite Michel Auguścik CEO & General Manager Events