Terms & Conditions

General conditions: STAGE FM is a commercial brand belonging to Quality Media Promotion , QMP Entertaimnent Solutions Group Os. Powstańców Warszawy 6m/147 61-656 Poznań POLAND at the VAT number 972-100-28-09, and is entering her integral composition. Quality Media Promotion has all rights to represent the brand, of using the trademark and for containing all agreements and obligations towards STAGE FM. all rights reserved.

Principles of the publication on the website: presented materials including marketing texts, photographs, materials of the video published are in favour of the agreement of their authors, employees, partners or cooperating partners with the STAGE FM brand or belong to STAGE FM and are aimed at a shared promotion of all undertakings, as well as them of authors, and into understandings laws aren`t a trade offer. Using materials farther is not lawful and can infringe copyright.

Principles of obtaining a trade offer: in the destination of obtaining a trade offer, we ask for the contact with us via specially prepared forms. Based on sent information our specialists will get in touch with you in order to present a trade offer.

Booking Artist principles: STAGE FM has it own unique system of the booking of artists to events of all kinds. Via bookmarks live roster and DJ roster you can obtain information, for the immediate representation of the artist on principles of the contract between the Artist and STAGE FM or on principles of the general cooperation with artists not consisted from STAGE FM. The list of artists has character purely information, talking about possibilities of provided services of STAGE FM rather than the immediate team. Visiting cards of chosen artists have promotional character. Specially prepared forms let data send to the right person looking after with artist details of the event, on the base which are being undergone verification of the availability and the artist given to the possibility of the participation on of you for happening and drafting a right trade offer as well as drafting the contract.